You need a physical therapist with experience and like-minded goals. 


Let's work together.


We work alongside you to provide your patients with the customized treatment plans they need to reduce pain, restore function, and increase strength over time. We’re not interested in generic solutions that mask the side effects. Instead, we form patient-specific treatment plans that offer one-on-one guidance through each step of the process from evaluation to treatment and recovery.

We are experienced in working alongside health care providers to connect their patients with the solutions they need to improve mobility and reach their goals.


Meet Our Team


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Michael Veresh


Shelly McGee

Office Manager


Our process positions our patients for long-term success.

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Reduce Pain

We form a customized treatment plan that lessens discomfort and focuses on helping you reach your goals.

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Restore Function

Work one-on-one with our Physical Therapist to regain mobility through specific exercises designed to help you restore and improve daily function.

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Increase Strength

Our treatment plans are designed to ensure long-term success so you can get back to doing what you love with confidence. 


Together, we can help your patients get back to doing the things they love.