About Us


Your goal is to feel better and our goal is to get you there.


Our Purpose


With a passion for people and physical therapy, Wertz Orthopedic Physical Therapy helps patients reach their goals through a specialized one-on-one treatment plan that helps them reduce pain, restore function, and increase strength over time.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and years of hands-on experience allows us to understand how to evaluate and treat cases ranging in complexity. We even offer Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, a specialized form of physical therapy that involves the strategic manipulation of the spine and other joints.

Our goal? To help you get back to doing the things you love like chasing your grandchildren, competing on the field, and independently performing daily functions. The success of our patients continues to fuel our mission to provide superior and authentic care to the Lansing area.


Our Team

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Michael Veresh


Shelly McGee

Office Manager