Physical Therapy As It Should Be

“Physical Therapy As It Should Be” is more than just our slogan. It is the foundation of our business and something we firmly believe makes us different.

While it might feel like there is a physical therapy clinic on just as many corners as Starbucks, we are fully committed to making our patient’s experience tailored to their individual needs. Our clinic is not part of a big chain or corporation; we are privately (and locally) owned and operated.  We love servicing the community that we grew up in.  So, where did it all begin for Wertz Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and why?

Lansing Physical Therapy Clinic

Why Wertz Orthopedic Physical Therapy

The reason why Wertz PT started is pretty simple. We wanted to provide a different (better) experience for individuals needing physical therapy. There are too many physical therapy clinics that focus on the financial aspects of the business. With this kind of a business model, the patient experience can feel very transactional. As we stepped back and evaluated the industry and the patient care, we saw this to be a big problem. Patients were not receiving the treatment and attention they needed – or deserved. Patients should feel cared for and not just a number.

In 2016, Nathan Wertz opened Wertz Orthopedic Physical Therapy with the commitment to providing physical therapy as it should be! Wertz PT is different than many Greater Lansing physical therapy clinics in the sense that our patients see a physical therapist throughout their entire course of treatment. We treat individuals of all age ranges and even cater to the 9 to 5 workforce. That’s right, we are available to see patients before, during and after normal work hours.

Attention to Patient Care

Attention to patient care is our number one priority. Many physical therapy clinics use PT assistants, techs and students to help with patient treatments. While this model works well for some, we strive to provide our patients with an alternative experience.

Our patients are treated by one of our OMPTs, which provides a unique experience for our patients. At most clinics, patients typically see two, three, even four different people during a single visit. This can make patients feel like they are being tossed around or that their physical therapist is overbooked. This also tends to lead to a breakdown in communication between providers, and the patients’ voice can get lost.  We want to know, directly from the patient, how they are feeling on EVERY SINGLE VISIT.

Both Nathan and Michael are certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. To become an OMPT, Nathan and Michael did an additional two years of credentialing in addition to physical therapy school. You’ll have the best of the best treating you at Wertz PT! You won’t be bounced around between techs and assistants.

Both Nathan and Michael are heavily involved in all aspects of our patient care. Afterall, it is the very reason why Wertz PT was started! Nathan and Michael are very personable and would much rather be working with their patients than being buried in Excel spreadsheets or dealing with insurance companies. When you become a patient at Wertz PT, your physical therapist will provide care for you from the first evaluation through the entire course of your treatment. They’ll be with you every step of the way!  Isn’t that how physical therapy should be?

To schedule your physical therapy appointment, give us a call!